(Vaginal Tightening Program)
Vaginal Tightening ProgramTM consists of:
  1. Muscle re-education: learn or relearn how to contract only your pelvic floor muscles without unintentionally contracting your abdominal, buttocks, or leg muscles. This isolates the exercise to the contraction of pelvic floor muscles.
    1. You must either feel the muscles contract (many cannot), see the muscles contract (use a hand mirror during practice exercise), or use 2 fingers inserted into the vagina spread wide apart and squeeze them together to assure that you are using the right muscles.
    2. You may insert your index finger in between the front and back handles during practice exercise and feel GyneFlexTM squeeze the handles together over your fingertip.
    3. If you think that you are using your abdominal or buttock muscles, check by putting a hand on them during GyneFlexTM exercise. Try to use only the pelvic floor muscles. If you cannot tell if you are exercising the right muscles check with your health care provider or obtain EMG with biofeedback.
  2. Muscle exercise against resistance.
    1. GyneFlexTM is to vaginal muscle exercise what dumbbells are to arm curls. Both lend resistance to muscle contraction which is necessary to stimulate muscle development. If you were using 5 lb. dumbbells and they were too light you would get 8 lb. weights. Similarly if your GyneFlexTM offers too little resistance it will completely close during your contraction and you my find 3 sets of 21 reps too easy. If so, buy the Firm Flex resistance set. Conversely if you find that your GyneFlexTM is too firm, go down in Flex Resistance and order the Light Flex Resistance set.
  3. Frequent exercise reinforcement for life.
    1. As with any exercise, it is a conscientiously applied regular program that gets and maintains results. Reinforce the GyneFlexTM resistance exercises that you do each morning or evening by doing Kegels (squeeze-hold-relax, repeat) at stop lights, while making coffee, while chatting on the phone, or whenever and wherever its safe, at least 2 times daily. Every time you urinate stop and restart your stream several times. This reinforces the muscle education and isolation that gets results.
    2. After you have achieved desired results, maintenance of muscle tone to support the uterus, bladder and rectum requires GyneFlexTM exercise (3 sets) at least 3 times a week (just like any maintenance exercise program).
    3. Plan on undisturbed privacy for 10-15 minutes for each GyneFlexTM exercise session. Lock the door, listen to music, and take satisfaction in the knowledge that the time and effort that you are investing will improve your health and quality of life.

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