Vaginal Stretching
The Natural Non-Surgical Solution
Being pregnant changes your life. Giving birth changes your body. Any woman who has been through it knows that her body and her sex life may never be the same.
If you have had a child
or plan to have one,
there is good news.
Simply put: the normal process of childbirth is accompanied by overstretching of the vaginal muscles. Inactive vaginal muscles stretched in childbirth left un-exercised can lose up to 80% of their weight and strength! An episiotomy can tighten the outer tissue of the vagina, but it can't restore muscle tone. Medical experts state that vaginal muscles stretched in childbirth are the ideal situation to benefit from resistance exercise.

GyneFlexTM with VTPTM resistance excercise can help 3 ways:

  1. Used before pregnancy, GyneFlex makes stronger, healthier muscle tissue that's less injury-prone and quicker to heal.
  2. Used after delivery, GyneFlex exercise restores and enhances vaginal muscle strength and tone.
  3. For many women, one of the biggest challenges after childbirth is getting to feel attractive and sexual again. GyneFlex can quickly invigorate and resensitize the greatest pleasure zone of your body. (Click Here for more.)

"After my delivery, I used the gym to get back in shape on the outside. And I used GyneFlex to get back in shape on the inside." - Gail Hand

"Thanks to GyneFlex, I feel sexy again! P.S. My husband thanks you too!"
- Janet MurchisonClick Here For Animation

GyneFlexTM works. Fast.
Don't wait a moment longer.

Welcome to a better life. GyneFlexTM

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GyneFlexTM with VTPTM is the only medically designed exerciser offering resistance exercise for vaginal muscles . As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific recommendations.

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