"After using GyneFlexTM I feel like a new woman and have new confidence in pleasuring my mate! It's awesome!!"

Patti Pino

"GyneFlexTM is not only great for strengthening your muscles, but it also enhances sexual stimulation! My husband and I are like Honeymooners all over again."

Janet Murchison

"GyneFlexTM really made a difference in my life. Before, you really had to plan your day so were always close to a bathroom. Now you just don't have to worry about it. You just have to be faithful to it - and I don't miss a session."

Louise Fanning

"I feel I've gotten a lot of good out of the GyneFlexTM . I used to leak when I walked and now I don't."

B. Moore

"GyneFlexTM is easy to use. I felt better after using it for only 2 weeks."


"Using GyneFlexTM has changed my quality of life. I used to feel like I had to go to the bathroom every hour. After using GyneFlexTM for 8 weeks I've gotten control back over my life."

S. Connelly

"I constantly had to wear a pad all day long. I had no control at all! I have seen a big improvement in just a few weeks. I'll keep using GyneFlexTM."

Miriam Toro-Bracero

"It's good to know that every time I'm going to be doing something. I no longer have to wear a pad. I've stopped leaking. I'm so happy I got GyneFlexTM."


"After using GyneFlexTM for only 2 days me and my husband already notice a difference."


"I used GyneFlexTM 3 times a day after I got it, when I thought I was quite well I used it 2 times a day. Sometimes I was afraid to leave the house. But I don't feel that way anymore. Not since using GyneFlexTM."

R. Kinele

"After using GyneFlexTM for just 8 weeks I find I don't have leakage as frequently as I did, and when I do it's not as much."


"I've made GyneFlexTM a part of my daily routine. I plan on using GyneFlexTM for the rest of my life."


"I no longer get up 3 or 4 times a night to go to the bathroom. Maybe once now. GyneFlexTM is wonderful."


"GyneFlexTM is easy to use and comfortable. It also helped me identify the muscles I needed to use to hold my bladder up."

E. Seidel

"I was happy to have tried GyneFlexTM because I have tried other products and I found GyneFlexTM the easiest to use and it is something I will continue to do, like brushing my teeth for the rest of my life."


"I think women should start using GyneFlexTM very early, but definitely after having children, then you won't have these incontinence problems later in life."


"GyenFlexTM had given me the confidence that I really don't have to run out and go stop at the drugstore and grab a pad - because I'm going to need it. Now I don't need it. In fact I find it very shocking that when I go into the bathroom I realize I didn't even use a pad today."


"GyneFlexTM helped more than the 2 surgeries I had!"


"My quality of life is no longer a dread for fear that I have to find a bathroom. I no longer do that. In 8 weeks since using GyneFlexTM I've stopped using pads."

Dorothy Tilley

"I constantly had to wear a pad all day long. I had no control at all. I have seen a big improvement in just a few weeks. I'll keep using GyneFlexTM."


"I plan on using the GyneFlexTM forever. I wasn't convinced at first, but I found after using it really helps."

T. Mayer

"My boyfriend and I are very happy with GyneFlexTM. I've been using it for 3 weeks and "WOW" ! My sister plans on ordering one too."

T. Stramandi

"Before, I would get up in the morning and I wouldn't be dry. Now I am! I think GyneFlexTM is a great thing, because it has helped me so much. It can help everyone."


"Before when I would leave the house I would always make sure that my bladder was empty, because I was concerned I would have an accident. Now that concern is not as great. All because of GyneFlexTM."

T. Moyer

"Since using GyneFlexTM, I feel I've gotten better. I used to fear I had no control and many times I had to run to the bathroom - praying I would make it. Now I feel I have control over when I go."


"Using GyneFlexTM make me happy, because I really feel that I am doing something to help myself. I am more assured, that I'm not going to have to worry about leakage, when I do go out."


"Don't give up! Keep trying! GyneFlexTM is going to work for you. GyneFlexTM had made me feel so much more comfortable in anything I do."


"I'm going to use GyneFlexTM for the rest of my life. Don't be embarrassed, take some action because there is help and the help is GyneFlexTM."

D. Tilley

"After just 4 weeks I can definitely tell a difference. I can't wait for the next 4 weeks."


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