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Sexual Response
GyneFlexTM exercise enhances sexual arousal and sexual response. It may make having an orgasm easier, controlling the timing of orgasm easier and having multiple orgasms easier. In addition, you may find that your orgasms are stronger and longer.

When you regularly exercise your vaginal muscles (so called pubococcygeus or Love Muscles or most correctly Pelvic Floor Muscles {PFM}) by regularly squeezing them against progressive flex resistance, you re-educate your neuro-muscular wiring, gaining control of vaginal muscle contraction and you stimulate muscle development of tone, strength and endurance. Regularly exercised muscles have improved blood circulation and new nerve and blood vessel supplies.

Muscle re-education (see VTPTM) means that clenching your vaginal muscles against flexing resistance (GyneFlexTM), holding, then releasing, builds muscle co-ordination and control. "In order to learn contraction of the correct muscles, the patient must be enabled to exercise against resistance". Only the GyneFlexTM is medically designed to do just that. The enhanced awareness of the voluntary nature of contracting the vaginal muscles is like practicing the piano: the more you practice, the more accurate and agile the coordination of your fingers becomes.

Muscle development means that by squeezing against flexing resistance, holding, and then releasing you make your muscles firmer and tighter at rest (tone), stronger with contractions, and able to contract for longer (endurance). This is isotonic exercise, just like doing arm curls at the gym. It is the physiologic principal of GyneFlexTM that a "muscle will gain in strength in accordance with the amount of work demands placed on it".

GyneFlexTM is the only medically designed flexing vaginal exerciser. Regular exercise re-educates your pelvic floor muscles and develops them.

How GyneFlexTM Exercise Affects Sexual Fitness:

  1. Muscle Re-education with VTPTM
    1. Clenching the vaginal muscles against flex resistance, holding, then releasing them builds voluntary control. The clenching-releasing vaginal exercises can lead to amazing results. Once you have learned vaginal muscle control your can choose the timing of your orgasms. Both partners should slow down and stop all movement, and she should gently but firmly clench and hold her muscles. This will reverse the flow of sexual energy and forestall her orgasm temporarily. With resumed stimulation you can build up the tension to more and more powerful orgasms with longer periods of pre-orgasmic intimacy. Strengthening the muscles creates the ability to control the timing of orgasm by choice and is very empowering, increasing the self-confidence necessary for a woman to voluntarily choose to lose control and slip temporarily out of herself, which is the single most important element in her being able to have one or more fantastic orgasms. "Having orgasmic control is the single most important step in elevating sex to art".
    2. Muscle re-education is like practicing the piano. It increases voluntary muscle coordination. Clenching and releasing GyneFlexTM teaches you that you can voluntarily clench and hold the penis as many times during lovemaking as you desire. If you concentrate on feeling aware of your vaginal muscle contractions, you can actually learn to contract different layers of your vaginal muscles in a ring-like fashion, contracting the outer ones first and then the inner ones. Then by pulling in your stomach while you contract your vagina, you can literally suck the penis into the vagina. A woman who chooses to contract her trained muscles voluntarily, rather than wait for those contractions to occur during orgasm, is able to pull her lovers penis deeper and deeper inside her, bathing the penis with her most intimate energy and love. Additionally, if you visualize your vagina as a cylinder composed of hoops, rings or fingers closed in a loop, you can contract your trained muscles as though squeezing your fingers one after the other. When your vaginal muscles are well controlled through GyneFlexTM exercise with VTPTM, a woman can learn to manipulate them from outermost to innermost - so that the separate groups of vaginal muscle fibers contract sequentially. This may lead to the situation where you can squeeze the rings of muscles as if you were playing separate notes in a musical composition. You can create chords, change key and compose both crescendos and refrains and in so doing transmit a powerful, intimate symphony to your lover without ever moving your body. Advanced lovers learn to combine this "playing the flute" by vaginal muscle contraction/relaxation with techniques of touching and massaging the clitoris, penis and anus that take them to previously unimagined levels of excitement and arousal.

    Of course, a woman can derive enormous satisfaction from vaginal muscle control alone. It facilitates your becoming a truly liberated, sensual, and loving partner. It may make orgasms easier and better during masturbation, as well as intercourse. This learning is readily is transferred into the ability to have multiple orgasms.

  2. Vaginal Muscle Development

    Enhanced blood circulation and nerve development associated with exercise does several things. It means more awareness and perception of genital sensations. It also means increased bathing of clitoral, vulvar, vaginal and pelvic cells in health promoting oxygen and rejuvenating circulating sex hormones. Additionally, resistance to disease may be enhanced due to increasing the genital flow of white blood cells, which defend the body against viruses and bacteria. Enhanced blood flow helps reduce the local accumulation of free radicals and eliminate metabolic toxins.

    Each of us has felt the tingling warmth resulting from vigorous exercise or deep massage. Exercising any muscle increases blood flow to that area. Increased vaginal and pelvic blood flow may contribute to the retardation of hormone-dependent aging, more youthful skin, and improved genital tone.

    Increasing the resting tone of your vaginal muscles means that instead of being flabby, soft and cushy to the touch, they are firm and have a tension that transmits the sensation of touch much more intensely. All touch sensations may become stronger, more vivid, more exciting and more titillating because there is literally more electrical energy coming from your pelvic nerves.

    Since GyneFlexTM exercise actually develops muscle strength and endurance, it contributes to having more powerful orgasms. Since the vaginal muscles are stronger, the strength of their contraction during orgasm may be increased which, in turn, increases the intensity of your feeling during orgasm. Since stronger muscles do not fatigue as quickly, the number of vaginal muscle contractions during orgasm may be increased, which in turn increases the length of time of your orgasms. Thus, GyneFlexTM exercise with VTPTM helps you have stronger and longer orgasms. The control that comes from vaginal muscle reeducation builds the self-confidence and enhanced pleasure that encourages extending time spent in lovemaking.

GyneFlexTM With VTPTM And Orgasm:

The physical, spiritual and mental climax of the dance of love is, of course, the orgasm. It is a lightening burst of electrical energy surging from the fantasy centers of the brain, speeding through the spinal cord into every nerve, every muscle, every cell of our body. The focus of this energy is on the erogenous areas, particularly the nipples and clitoris, the lower third of the vagina (where vaginal muscles are), the vulva and anus.

Orgasm has tremendous health benefits. It causes the release of numerous sex hormones and endorphins that stimulate the body's vital organs and glands, and give a sense of relief and joy. Orgasm causes a rapid heartbeat, increased respiration rate and is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. It creates a detoxification of your entire system as muscles contract in a spasmodic response like a mini-seizure, squeezing toxins and the waste products of metabolism out of the muscles and tissue under the skin. In fact, the French sometimes call orgasm 'La petit mort", the "little death", because it is similar to a seizure in the sense that one may lose awareness of time, place and person in orgasmic ecstasy. Orgasm brings profound pleasure, happiness, joy and relief of tension that counters today's stress filled life-styles. It is the ultimate intimate connection with another human being and promotes health and longevity in the most profound ways.

GyneFlexTM with VTPTM may make orgasms easier, better, more frequent and stronger. Choose to make a difference in your own life, and improve your health as well as happiness. Order a set now.

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Portions of this section were taken from the book Passionate Sex: Discover the Special Power in You with the authors' permission. Click below to buy it.

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