By learning how to voluntarily contract your pelvic floor muscles (re-education) and regularly exercising these muscles against resistance you will improve their tone, strength and endurance.

Medical Benefits
GyneFlexTM treats urine leakage by strengthening and increasing the resting tone of the pelvic floor muscles that support the female organs and naturally prevent involuntary incontinence. The most common type of muscle weakness related incontinence is called Stress Incontinence. This is due to the stretching of muscles during childbirth and weakening with disuse associated with age. GyneFlexTM reduces these problems when regular exercise is begun early in adult life and treats them later on. It may be used before your first pregnancy, after you deliver to restore vaginal tightness and tone, between pregnancies and in all post reproductive age groups.

Sexual Benefits
Regular GyneFlexTM exercise increases your pelvic awareness and sensitivity enhancing the sense of arousal by genital touching. Improved strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles means stronger and longer orgasms. Enhanced voluntary control due to muscle education means that you may draw your partner's penis up inside you and contract around it by pelvic muscle control alone. You may more easily choose the timing of your orgasms and have multiple orgasms. The sexual benefits for women and their partners will add and keep adding new dimensions to their lovemaking.

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